About Me

My name is Brittney. I love clothes but I love accessories more. I started getting into fashion at the age of 15( I know, I was really late lol).

Just so you all will know, I am an urban/streetwear type of girl! I love sneakers, hoodies, snapbacks, the big jewelry, etc. I am also branded as a plus sized girl although I am not very big lol. I rock my natural hair and believe in natural beauty. As this blog grows you will notice that I am quite a cheap person ! lol

I created this blog so I can help those of you to look good, save money, create your own sense of style, and to just be you !

If you want to view my other blogs, there is a list to the left side of the page with the links.

I hope you enjoy the blog :)

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  1. You should make a trailer to go with this. It will make it very creative :)